Glass Cutting Mats&Boards(18X24 inch)


Glass cutting mat, Meet any needs ❥



IDEAL FOR CRAFTING: Glass is scratch, heat, and stain resistant, so it’s perfect for any craft.

EFFICIENTLY DESIGNED GRID: The craft mat is designed for easy alignment, featuring a grid in 1-inch and 1/4-inch increments, 1/8-inch tick marks along the border and center lines.

NON-SLIP RUBBER FEET: Rubber feet are applied to the bottom, so it won’t budge during use. They also make the mat easy to pick up when you need to move it.

HIGHEST QUALITY GLASS: 1/4-inch thick, tempered, low-iron glass is ultra-clear with no trace of the greenish tint typical of lower quality glass.

OPTIMIZED EDGES: Flat polished edges and rounded corners make for safe handling and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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