Let everyone have a smart workshop, and let every creator have the tools at hand.

Why choose us?

What kind of tools and machines do humans need after the industrialization era?
More people want to participate in creation instead of enjoying standard products produced by standard assembly lines.
In the post-industrial era, tools and machines have undergone fundamental changes. It is not to produce products for the sake of producing products, but to meet people’s needs for creating value and meet everyone’s needs for creating personalized and unique products.

The design of the tool should be suitable for a wider range of people, including women, teenagers, and the elderly, not just for men.
Machines are no longer suitable for use in factories. Machines are miniaturized and domesticated, allowing machines to enter ordinary households. Everyone can create products for themselves, family, and friends.

Let everyone have a smart workshop, and let every creator have the tools at hand, is our mission!
This is the reason why Techygge was born. It is also the reason why we choose us.

Our products are in line with the development of the times, our products create unique value for mankind, and our products create huge profits for our customers.

Our research and development capabilities
Top professional engineer team
Big data research determines the direction of product development

Some of our founder team are senior product development engineers who have worked in the world-renowned tool product “Bosch” for many years. Years of professionalism and rigorous engineering expertise guarantee product safety, comfort, and ergonomic design.
Some of our founder team come from a Chinese manufacturing team with 20 years of experience in production and supply chain integration. To ensure that our products can be supplied with the highest efficiency, lowest cost, and maximum production capacity. And professional global logistics experience can meet high-quality global import and export and distribution services.
Years of industry procurement experience have enabled our team to have a very deep insight into the market, unique and sensitive, and predict and judge that our products are just and urgently needed by the market.
We have a professional big data analysis team to keep abreast of global fashion trends and product hot sales trends. Select the product development direction strictly according to the big data conclusions, rather than relying on subjective judgment to choose the product direction. To the greatest extent, ensure that the products are correct and the market is correct, creating additional value for customers.

Our production capacity
BSCI factory
Served Lidl in Germany and DM in the United States

We have a 300-person BSCI-certified factory. It has its own team of R&D engineers, injection workshop, assembly workshop, inspection and testing workshop, and packaging workshop. It can provide services from product design, functional chip development, and packaging, shell mold opening, shell injection molding, production assembly, product packaging, testing, and inspection.
Most of our customers are from Europe and North America. We are very familiar with product standards in Europe and North America. All our products have been strictly tested and obtained all certifications in Europe and North America. The tools and machines developed by us have been granted invention patents.
Among the customers, we have served are Lidl in Germany and DM in the United States.

Our client
OEM and ODM are welcome
Chain supermarkets and online sales shops are welcome